FAQ - Android TV
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do these work?

These boxes work by using your Internet connection. There is no monthly fee to pay. You will be able to watch from thousands of streaming channels and movies on demand for free.

It is recommended that you have an Internet speed of 15 MBps or more. Lower speed like 5 MBps will work but you’ll have to stick to a lower video quality and buffering will be more frequent. You can test your Internet speed connection at www.speedtest.net

Is watching Streaming videos illegal?

The copyright laws in Canada exempt temporary reproductions of copyrighted material. Most streaming videos do not actually involve downloading a copy of the work, it is not illegal to view streaming videos in Canada. There is no law that states it is illegal to watch streaming videos on the web :).

What channels or shows can I watch?

These Android Boxes don’t work like cable where you can freely select a channel and watch whatever is on the guide. With the Android boxes you search or browse for any movie or TV show you’d like to watch. You can browse through hundreds of tv shows, movies and live sporting events.

Can I watch Live Sports on these Android Boxes?

Live streaming sports are available on your Android Box. You get a live feed of ESPN, SKY SPORTS, BT 1, BT 2 and many more live sports channel feeds. The quality of the feed depends on where the feed is coming from and what type of Internet connection you have.

The Android boxes contain all types of sports including, Hockey, NFL, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Motor Sports and more.

Do I need one Android Box for every TV?

You will need a Android BOX for every TV you have in your house. Since the Android box is light and portable you can move it between rooms if you only want to use one and share it between TV’s.

How do I connect my Android Box to the internet?

To connect your Android TV Box you will need an Internet connection, either a wireless or wired connection will do. If you’d like to use a wired connection simply plug your ethernet connection cable into the box. If your using a WIFI connection please make sure to set up your connection/password before you access KODI.

Can I watch Movies currently in Theaters?

Yes, you can watch some movies that are currently in Theaters. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that the quality of these movies on your Android BOX will not be the highest. There are 2 types of video qualities that are available for movies: Screener and Cam movies. A Cam movie is literally someone going into the theatre and filming it with a camera. These are usually poor quality movies that have low quality. A Screener is a copy of a movie sent in for award consideration by the studios. The quality is comparable to a DVD and they are very watchable.

Can I cancel my cable TV after getting an Android TV box?

Yes, it’s up to you what you want to do. Many people decide to cancel their cable after getting an Android TV BOX. You have the freedom of watching a lot of Live Sports on your Android TV Box. The quality for the sports feed is not always the best. The recommended thing to do would be to call your Cable company and tell them you’d like to cancel your subscription. They will then refer you to retentions and will most likely provide you a deal. Instead of paying $100/Month you might be lucky enough to get it for $40/month.  If you want to watch local news you might consider purchasing an HD Antenna to get local stations in HD such as CTV, CBC, Global, etc. This will supplement your Android TV Box nicely.

What kind of warranty is there on these Android TV Boxes??

These Android Boxes that are sold by AndroidTV.net have a 90 day warranty from the time it arrives to you. For any hardware defects you encounter, you are responsible for the return shipping (Less then $15) and AndroidTV.net will pay the shipping for the replacement unit. AndroidTV.net does not offer any refunds.